Everything you Need to Know About New iPhone 6 Specification-Release Dates-Price

Let’s face it, the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C were mere updates to the already launched iPhone 5, so no upgrades there. There is already a lot of pressure on Apple to replicate the success of its previous iPhone models, and as the news goes, the media is speculating about the new features to incorporate in that phone. The iPhone can be touted as the first smartphone to create a revolution of its kind, and any subsequent releases in this franchise is looked upon very fondly by people. This is the ultimate Apple product that people can carry around in their pocket; they have a lot of pride attached to it. So all of them are waiting with baited breaths on the specifications and features that shall come loaded with the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Specifications

Display and the body:

With what rumors are doing the rounds, it seems like Apple iPhone 6 will come out in two versions: one contain 4.7inch screen, and the another one contain 5.5” large screen. This will be mainly done to be ensure that the new iPhone will be able to compete with the plethora of Android devices already out in the market. The body will also be Super-thin, hinting at the use of some impressive technology that is going to further slim down the overall size of the iPhone.

Sapphire has been bought in copious amounts by the Apple management. This is a good indications that the Sapphire screen is to be a sure factor in the new iPhone 6 features. This will go a long way to ensure that the Apple iPhone 6 will be featured with an unbreakable display. The product was already used in previous iPhone’s camera glass and the Touch ID sensor cover. Now Apple initiates screen covers of the same hardy material. Previous versions of Apple suffered the maximum problems with the screen repair. With the inculcation of new technology, Apple is taking steps in the right direction to reduce such problems.

Processor, Memory and Camera:

Apple has recently mentioned that it would use the A8 chips, which may only contain 1BG of RAM, which is a sure shot downer for such an expensive and much-sought after phone. The next iPhone will also receive the Series 6XT PowerVR GPUs which has offered a consistent 50% benchmark performance in comparison to the previous generation chipsets.

In the camera department, the new iPhone 6 will retain the new 10MP along with a new twist; it will include the optical image stabilization or the OIS. This can help the camera take more detailed shots in the low-light condition and it should also help the iPhone 6 photos user’s capture more light thanks to the long shutter speeds. It will also contain the f/1/8 aperture lens, which is a stark improvement over the current iPhone 5S f/2/2 lens. So the users of the iPhone 6 can expect to take excellent pictures with a shallow depth of field, whilst keeping the subjects in a sharp focus and blurring in the background. It is also noted that Apple plans to opt for a new resin lens filter, which is manufactured by JSR.

OS and Battery:

Most of the Apple iOS updates happen along with the launch of a new phone. So this means that the iPhone 6 will contain the iOS 8. In the new operating system, one can witness a seamless integration between the mobile phones and the desktop devices and the Apple Mac.

One can witness a quick type keyboard and a fitness aggregation application called “health”. Message management tools, with quality and interactive notifications and the iCloud drive access are all of the features packed in the new iOS 8. A big improvement will be the ability to install the third party widgets like Swyoe and Swiftkey as the keyboard typing apps. You will also be able to install extensions with the new operating system. So, if for instance, you are clicking photos, you can get instant apps to filter and create the effects required for the picture to become better. With the use of the iPhone 6 holographic keyboard, this is one mobile that shall not pose a hindrance to your typing.

You can also find the use of the Touch ID for the use of the different applications, but due to Apple’s paranoid security issues, it will not be a reality as of now. So, there is also no fear to get your fingerprint stoles from your new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Most iPhone 5 users can’t wait to migrate to the new iPhone 6 and get new Apple iPhone 6 features. They are waiting, highly anticipating the launch of the new iPhone. So when can we expect the new iPhone to roll out in the market?

US- September, 2014

India- October, 2014

UK-September, 2014

Canada-September, 2014

Australia- September, 2014

Russia- October, 2014

China- September, 2014

Korea- September, 2014

Germany-September, 2014

Let us just hope that it does get launched in the given months and not build to the expectation.

iPhone 6 Price:

With the huge framework and recent hardware incorporations in the iPhone 6, one expects the price of such a device at the premium.

US- $ 950

India- Rs 50,000 – 55,000.

UK-£ 750


Australia- $1200

Russia- 54,000 Ruble

China- 7200 Chinese Yuan

Korea- 1269150 South Korean Won

Germany-740 Euros

As you can see, these prices for a phone can seem to be exorbitant. However, when the Price comes to the latest iPhone 6, Apple expects that the customers will Definitely pay a premium amount to have in their hands, what can be called, the latest advancement in mobile phones. So for those people that are waiting eagerly for the latest iPhone, get your credit cards and cash ready. This is sure to burn a hole in your pocket, but hope that the features make up for that burn.